Introducing the ACA Signups Facebook Page (just 9 months late...)

Yeah, yeah, I's a bit stupid to set up a Facebook page now instead of, say, back in October, November, December...but whatever. I was encouraged by the response at Netroots Nation 2014 that there's still enough interest to keep the site not just running but running robustly, so here you go: The official ACA Signups Facebook Page.

Also, while I'm at it, I've established a separate Twitter account just for ACA Signups. I mainly did this to prevent any imposters from doing so, since so many people are already following @charles_gaba for ACA updates, but I'll probably start cross-posting at @ACASignups as well if enough people start following it.

Finally, a minor update to my donation/banner ad policy: Going forward, anyone who donates $20 or more will receive a user account which will remove the banner ads through the end of the 2nd Open Enrollment period (February 15, 2015). After that, I have no idea what my plans for the site are; perhaps I'll switch to an annual subscription format, perhaps I'll shut it down...I really don't know.

For those who already have an account, don't worry; your account is good for as long as this site is operational...which may still only be through 2/15/15, of course. We'll see.