Hawaii: Hmmm...QHPs back UP by 233 people...

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Huh. A week ago I posted a Hawaii update which noted that exchange QHPs for Hawaii had actually dropped by 156 people from 6/28 through 7/05. This was quickly followed by similarly huge enrollment drop-off figures out of both Oregon and Minnesota.

However, check it out today...

Connector Updates for July 12, 2014

Total since October 1, 2013

32,991 Applications completed in the Individual Marketplace
9,675 Individuals and families enrolled in the Individual Marketplace
675 Employers applied to SHOP Marketplace
1071 Employees and dependents enrolled via SHOP Marketplace*
* as of July 15, 2014

Yup, Hawaii's QHP total has gone back up by 233 people...or +77 from where it was on July 5th.

Obviously these are all tiny numbers that we're talking about, but it's the trend which is important. I have no idea what happened in Hawaii; perhaps there was a data entry error last week (which would explain how the number went down, since the exchanges don't generally account for people who drop their coverage after the first month). In any event, this is promising...if Minnesota and Oregon bounce back as well, then my dire warning from last week may have been premature. We'll see...

Also worth noting: Hawaii's SHOP enrollments also went up by over 100 people.