Minnesota: QHPs up 3,769 since end of OE; Medicaid up 3K in past 5 days

Hmmm...Minnesota's exchange QHPs continue to grow, but the rate has plummetted over the past couple of weeks, dropping from 52 per day through the end of June to just 31 in the past 2 weeks. While I've been expecting the rate to slow down somewhat, this seems like an awfully large drop for such a short period of time.

Combine this with Hawaii, which reported an actual loss of QHPs and I'm starting to wonder if I've misunderstood how the state exchanges are reporting their numbers. It's possible that they're including people who drop their coverage after a few months as well as those who add coverage, which would result in the official tally holding relatively steady over time. I'll have to look into this...

latest enrollment numbers

July 13, 2014

Health Coverage Type Total Enrollments 
Medical Assistance 154,106
MinnesotaCare 54,877
Qualified Health Plan (QHP) 52,264
TOTAL 261,247