Daily Caller's Hannah Bleau continues Sharyl Atkisson's Stupidpalooza Tour

Yesterday I tore apart a rather idiotic story by Sharyl Attkisson at the Daily Signal in which she bullshits her way through various ACA numbers, culminating in a completely absurd "infographic" which I helpfully corrected for her (so far she has yet to thank me for the assist).

Today I see that Hannah Bleau of the Daily Caller picks up Attkisson's ball o' crap and runs with it. I really don't have time to do another takedown today, so instead I'll just present two screen shots.

The first is the headline itself:

Um...no, Ms. Bleau, there has been no survey released which has made any such claim whatsoever. The Kaiser Family Foundation survey you're referring to states that 57% of the people who enrolled in QHPs via the ACA exchanges were previously uninsured. That is, 57% of the 8.02 million people who enrolled via the exchanges, or around 4.6 million (or, if you subtract those who haven't paid their first premiums yet, around 4.1 million).

"Covered 57% of Uninsured" would be roughly 27 million people, assuming a total of 47.6 million total uninsured nationally.

Now, I realize that at many publications, the reporter doesn't choose the actual headline that appears above their story, so perhaps this wasn't Ms. Bleau's fault. However, here's a snippet from the article itself:

(sigh) No, Ms. Bleau, that's not what the Gallup tracking poll said either. You make it sound like Gallup is claiming that 2.8% of 5% "claim" to be newly insured, which would be only 0.14% of the population. What you meant to say is that 5% are newly insured, of which 56% (2.8 / 5.0) gained coverage via the ACA exchanges.

There's plenty of other stupidity as well, such as this gem:

The Daily Signal also notes that Obamacare’s massive Medicaid expansion might be puffing up the true “previously uninsured” enrollment numbers.

Um...that's not "puffing up" anything. Medicaid expansion is not only a major part of the ACA, it was always considered crucial to the goal of reducing the uninsured population numbers, and the ability to attain that goal was partly crippled (to the tune of 4.8 million people) by the assholes in 24 states which refused to enable the expansion provision for no particular reason.

I'll leave it at that for now.