District of Columbia: 48.2K total exchange enrollees, up 3,355 since 4/30

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When we last checked in with the DC exchange, I had to do an estimated breakdown between QHPs, SHOP and Medicaid enrollments of around 11,100, 14,200 and 22,700 respectively.

Today they released the actual totals, which are shoved around a bit from my estimates:

From October 1, 2013 to June 11, 2014, 48,188 people have enrolled through DC Health Link in private health plans or Medicaid:

  •  11,582 people enrolled in private health plans through the DC Health Link individual and family marketplace;
  •  23,008 people were determined eligible for Medicaid coverage through DC Health Link; and
  •  13,598 people enrolled through the DC Health Link small business marketplace.

So, QHPs are about 600 higher than I thought, SHOP about 600 lower and Medicaid about 300 higher. Not bad!

This also means that QHPs have been going up about 11 per day since the end of April, vs. the 52 per day they were averaging during the open enrollment period, or 21%. This is right in the 20-30% "off-season" range that I've been expecting.