Off-Topic: Brainwrap Web Design is 15 years old today!

OK, I don't do business endorsements or paid promotions, but this is kind of a special case: 15 years ago today I co-founded my "day job" running Brainwrap Web Design.

By website development standards, that makes me an Old Man in the industry. I ran Brainwrap with an old college friend for the first year; we hit a slow patch and he decided to move on to a more stable corporate position elsewhere, selling his half of the business to me.

I ran the company by myself for another 13 years, until my wife (who had 20+ years of experience in corporate IT programming and management) started working with me. Her assistance was especially helpful during the ACA open enrollment period and my bout with Shingles, during which she took some of our normal site development work off my hands while I scrambled to keep up with the ever-changing enrollment data, so she deserves a lot of the credit for this site as well.

Ironically, while I do my best to keep my clients' sites up to date, my own site has lagged behind in a classic case of "the shoemakers' children going barefoot". itself has yet to be converted to a responsive mobile version, and both the blog and client portfolio are sorely outdated, all of which I'll be addressing as soon as I catch up with the backlog of work from the enrollment/shingles phase. If anyone needs their website developed, updated, overhauled or hosted, please feel free to contact me.

Anyway, it's been a pleasure to serve the small businesses & organizations of Michigan and beyond for the past 15 years, and I look forward to the next 15 :)