Which exchanges are releasing off-season QHP enrollments & which aren't? (UPDATED)

As a follow-up to yesterday's 200K - 300K monthly exchange QHP estimate post, here's where things stand for all of the exchanges:

  • Healthcare.Gov (Federal Exchange): Current thru 4/19; No Updates until November
  • CoveredCA: Current thru 4/19; NEW DATA TO BE RELEASED "SOON"
  • Connect for Health Colorado: Current thru 5/31
  • DC Health Connect: Current thru 4/30; left message
  • Access Health CT: Current thru 5/22 (paid) / 3/31 (total)
  • Hawaii Health Connector: UPDATED WEEKLY
  • KYnect: Current thru 4/19; left message
  • Maryland Health Connection: Current thru 5/10; NEXT UPDATE: 6/27
  • Massachusetts Health Connector: Current thru 5/07
  • MNsure: Current thru 6/15; UPDATED DAILY (!)
  • Nevada Health Link: Current thru 5/28 (paid) / 5/10 (total)
  • New York State of Health: Current thru 4/19; No Updates until November
  • Cover Oregon: Current thru 6/12; UPDATED WEEKLY
  • HealthSource RI: Current thru 4/30; left message
  • Vermont Health Connect: Current thru 6/12 (paid)
  • Washington HealthPlan Finder: Current thru 5/27; left message

Obviously I'm extremely disappointed with the decision by the HHS Dept. not to release enrollment data during the off season, and today I also confirmed with the New York exchange that they have no plans to do so either, unfortunately. The update policy status of DC, CT, KY, MD, MA, NV, RI and WA is still unknown at the moment, though I've left messages with most of them about it.

The good news is that in addition to updated data from Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, Oregon and Vermont (just added today...their off season rate is around 38/day vs. 135/day, or around 28% of the open enrollment rate, right in line with the other states), I've just confirmed that Covered California will be releasing "comprehensive" updated enrollment data "soon". As a bonus, I was told that this should also include (among other info) an updated "How many have PAID???" percentage, which previously stood at 85% way back on 4/27.

An update from CoveredCA is important, of course, because it's single-handedly responsible for almost 18% of the total QHP enrollment nationally. Combine that with the other states issuing regular updates and it's 21% of the national total.

In other words, even without updated data from the other 44 states, if CA gives comprehensive updated numbers, that should give plenty of guidance as to how the rest of the country is doing this summer as well.

UPDATE: Good news: I just heard back from Maryland's exchange; they assured me that they'll be issuing their next enrollment update on June 27th. While I'd obviously prefer weekly updates, I can live with monthly; it's still much better than nothing. Unfortunately, like most of the exchanges, MD does not include payment info.