"The Tigers beat the Blue Jays yesterday. Meanwhile, a bank was robbed in Denver!"

Quite possibly the lamest response to a "Good Obamacare News!" tweet I've seen to date, although it does crystalize the "taking our ball and going home" attitude taken by the GOP since open enrollment closed:

Geppetto checkmark RT @charles_gaba: #ACASignups No matter how you slice it, 2/3 of Americans want to keep Ocare: http://t.co/Pbb0ZBlzCY

— Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) June 12, 2014

Meanwhile, Iraq that Obama abandoned disintegrates into chaos @ThePlumLineGS @charles_gaba #SmartDiplomacy #Reset

— Jim Branch (@jamesbranch3) June 12, 2014