Minnesota: ACA has cut total uninsured rate by 40%

For some reason people are geeking out about the news that Minnesota's uninsured rate has dropped by 40% since last fall. Don't get me wrong, this is fantastic news; I'm just not sure why it's getting more of a response than, say, New Jersey's uninsured rate dropping 38%, or especially Massachusetts' rate plummeting down from 3.6% to virtually ZILCH (around an 86% drop if you assume 0.5% today).

Still, this doesn't take anything away from Minnesota's accomplishment; Mazel Tov all around!

The uninsured rate in Minnesota has fallen by more than 40 percent since the Affordable Care Act's coverage expansion started, a new report from the State Health Access Data Assistance Center shows.

The analysis appears to be the first assessment of how a state's uninsured rate has changed since the insurance expansion began in October. It shows that, between September 2013 and May 2014, the number of uninsured Minnesotans fell from 445,000 to about 264,500.

In fact, if you use the Kaiser Family Foundation's uninsured estimate for Minnesota of 462,000 last fall instead, the drop in uninsured is closer to 43%, making it even more impressive.