Bloomberg Poll: No matter how you slice it, 2/3 of Americans want to keep Obamacare

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Greg Sargent

Greg Sargent has a nice piece in the WaPo this morning about a new Bloomberg News poll which uses "more accurate" wording to see what the latest zeitgeist on the ACA is, now that the dust has settled on the first open enrollment period:

...some of the law’s foes like to claim those polls are problematic because they offer a choice between “fixing” and “repealing” the law. This, they say, biases responses in favor of “fix,” because people like fixing things, and at any rate, Obamacare can’t be fixed by definition.

So this new Bloomberg News poll will pose an additional problem to those who simply refuse to accept the reality that, while disapproval of the law remains high, the American people still want to stick with it:

What is your opinion of the health care law?

  • It should be repealed: 32
  • It may need small modifications, but we should see how it works: 56
  • It should be left alone: 10

So 66 percent support giving the law a chance to work with possible small modifications or leaving it alone, versus only 32 percent who want it done away with. This seems like fair wording.

Yup. That doesn't mean people love the law, but it does explain why the GOP has pretty much taken their ball and gone home when it comes to big, splashy opposition stunts like that idiotic "only 2/3 have paid!!" press release at the end of April. 

At this point, the only legitimate criticisms seem to be the ongoing technical issues at some of the state exchanges and, to a lesser degree, the "back end" billing/etc. portion of the federal exchange. Assuming that most/all of these are worked out before the 2nd open enrollment period opens on November 15, the ACA opposition will really have very little to gripe about (not that this will stop them, of course). There's a bunch more worth checking out as well in the WaPo story.