Completely Off-Topic: Presenting Rosemary Watson, Comedienne, Singer & Actress Extraordinaire!

OK, I've only gone completely off-topic on this site like twice, but I'm just such a huge fan of this woman that I'm making an exception.

I'm very much aware that the bulk of my 15 minutes of fame pretty much ran out the moment that the first open enrollment extension period wrapped up, but the site still receives a decent amount of traffic so I figured, what the hell, might as well help give a deserving talent some additional exposure before what's left of my own spotlight dims completely.

Besides, there's been so much depressing news of late (more mass shootings by wingnut extremists, the ugly response by the GOP to the President bringing home an American POW, etc) that I figured I should lighten things up a bit for once. WIth that in mind...

Over 6 years ago, during the famous Obama/Hillary Presidential Primary Slugfest, I stumbled across a YouTube video of a talented woman named Rosemary Watson who absolutely nailed Hillary Clinton to a T in a hilarious bit called "New Hand Gestures":

Since that time, Watson has shown her chops as Diane Sawyer, Anne Romney, Cindy McCain and assorted other political/media types. She's also a talented singer; here she is singing "Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby":

Rosemary and I got to be friends online; I've never met her in person, and probably never will. No, she isn't paying me for this, and no, I'm not stalking her or anything (pretty sure my wife would take issue with that). I just think it'd be a shame if she didn't hit the bigtime--SNL, the Tonight Show, what have you.

Anyway, with Hillary Clinton's recent interview with Diane Sawyer fresh in everyone's minds, here she is, taking on both of them at once: