Minnesota: QHPs up 663 since OE; Medicaid up 23,514

Now that we're completely out of the Open Enrollment period (for QHPs, anyway), it'll be interesting to see how the QHP numbers climb based purely on Qualifying Life Events and Native American enrollees.

latest enrollment numbers

May 22, 2014 

Medical Assistance 126,928
MinnesotaCare 46,662

Qualified Health Plan (QHP) 50,759
TOTAL 224,349

Minnesota's final official number as of 4/22 (they bumped their extension period out an extra week from the normal 4/15) was 50,096, so they've added another 663 people in the first month since then, or around 1.3%.

Assuming that rate ends up being typical of both MN specifically and is representative nationally (and of course there's absolutely no evidence that either of these will be the case), this would mean:

  • Minnesota should tack on another 4,600 additional QHPs by mid-November (when the 2nd open enrollment period starts).
  • Nationally, we'd be looking at around another 104,000 additional QHPs per month, or around 730,000 by mid-November.

Meanwhile, Medicaid enrollment in Minnesota (which is available year-round, but which hasn't had the PR/outreach push since open enrollment ended) has gone from 150,076 up to 173,590, or around 15.7%.