Expansion states see growth in Medicaid admissions...and DROP in uninsured admissions

Not exactly the most shocking headline of the day, but this is still a great story by Jason Millman of the Washington Post (full disclosure: Millman wrote a nice feature piece about me a few months ago):

The Hospital Corporation of America, which has facilities in 20 states, reported a big gap in Medicaid and uninsured admissions between expansion and non-expansion states. In the four states it operates where Medicaid expanded under the ACA, the company saw a 22.3 percent growth in Medicaid admissions, compared to a 1.3 percent decline in non-expansion states. The company also had a 29 percent decline in uninsured admissions in the expansion states, while non-expansion states experienced 5.9 percent growth in uninsured admissions, chief financial officer William Rutherford said.

Right-wingers may wring their hands over Medicaid  expansion being an inherently bad thing (Lord knows why, but whatever), but I can't imagine that even the most anti-ACA pundit out there would try and argue that lower uninsured hospital admissions are a bad thing.