Georgia: Woodworker figure confirmed at around 91,000

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My estimate for "woodworkers" in non-expansion Georgia has been around 63,000 people; this article pretty solidly places that number at about 1/3 higher: 91,000 to date:

As of Thursday, DCH has received more than 40,000 “account transfers” from the exchange, “with about 2,000 arriving every hour,’’ an agency spokeswoman, Kallarin Richards, told GHN.

These potential sign-ups in Georgia have been stalled for months due to technological snags.

Community Health said Friday that it’s waiting until all of the transfers have been received from the exchange before processing them. “This will ensure DCH is working from the most recent data and can identify any duplicative applications that may exist,” Richards said in an email.

Federal health officials recently reported that more than 91,000 Georgians were identified through the health insurance exchange as eligible for Medicaid or PeachCare.

This enrollment growth of already eligible people is known as the “woodwork” or “welcome mat” effect. Experts had forecast earlier that the Affordable Care Act would lead many people who were already eligible for Medicaid and CHIP (known as PeachCare in Georgia) but had never enrolled to “come out of the woodwork” and finally sign up.