Oregon: Not quite done yet...another 3K QHPs & 16K more Medicaid/CHIP

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In spite of their several-hundred-million-dollar meltdown of a website, Oregon has managed to pull off an impressive feat: Between private QHPs, standard Medicaid/CHIP and their "fast track" program (not included below), they've enrolled nearly 400,000 people in healthcare plans of one sort or another via the ACA.

May 8, 2014
Update: Private coverage and Oregon Health Plan enrollment through Cover Oregon

Medical enrollments through Cover Oregon: 271,180
Total private medical insurance enrollments through Cover Oregon 1: 77,583                

Oregon Health Plan enrollments through Cover Oregon: 193,597
Total private dental insurance enrollments through CoverOregon 1: 15,926               

Net enrollments 
Net private medical: 72,890
Net private dental: 14,602