Massachusetts scrapping current website; will either join or replace w/different package

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Not exactly surprising, but rather embarrassing for the state which spawned the ACA in the first place.

If the "off-the-shelf" replacement works, great. If not, and they follow Oregon into having take over, that would mean a net change states, with MA and OR moving into the fold while New Mexico and Idaho break out on their own exchanges.

Massachusetts has scrapped its hopes for a totally customized state-based health exchange under the Affordable Care Act, and will instead purchase an “off-the-shelf” solution that can be installed by the fall with the possibility of joining the federal exchange if all else fails.

The state announced Monday that it would contract with Virginia-based hCentive for health insurance exchange software that has been used to power online marketplaces Kentucky, Colorado, New York and other states.

Health and IT officials will simultaneously work to ready the state and its insurers to join the federal health exchange in case the hCentive software solution cannot be implemented in time for the next insurance open enrollment period that begins in November.