Today is the REAL Deadline for Open Enrollment in at least 39 States

Yes, yes, I know...the "official" open enrollment period "ended" on March 31st, and the "official" extension period ended on April 15th. However, there were a few exceptions to even that, including:

  • The 36 states run by If you submitted a paper application by 4/07, you have until today to complete your enrollment
  • Hawaii, DC and Oregon pushed out their official extension date until today
  • Other states such as CA, CO, CT, KY, MD, MA, MN, NY, RI, VT and WA have already shut down open enrollment, either on 3/31, 4/15 or 4/22

To my knowledge, after midnight tonight, that leaves only three states with any sort of options left:

  • Nevada has bumped their "started by 3/31" enrollment extension out until May 30.
  • Colorado is allowing people up until May 31st to complete their enrollments, but only if they applied for Medicaid but had their eligibility denied.
  • Massachusetts still has something like 270,000 people stuck in "Limbo Status" who may (?) have until June 30th to have their situations sorted out...not exactly sure what's going on with that, however.

Aside from that, the following exceptions hold true for every state:

In addition, of course...

  • Medicaid/CHIP enrollments have no deadline
  • SHOP (small business exchange) enrollments have no deadline
  • Anyone who experiences a Qualifying Life Event (married, divorced, birth, adoption, job gain, job loss, etc.) can still enroll in a QHP

In the end, I'm projecting that roughly 110,000 more people have enrolled in QHPs via the exchanges since 4/15, giving the following totals by date:

  • 7.10M through 3/31
  • 8.03M through 4/15
  • 8.14M through 4/30