Illinois: ACA Medicaid Expansion adds up to 350K, plus another 80K Woodworkers

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My Medicaid spreadsheet currently estimates Illinois at roughly 200K "strict expansion" and another 115K "woodworkers". This article suggests that the woodworker number may be too high, but the "strict expansion" number may be dramatically low:

For the first time, low-income adults without children are eligible for government health coverage.

 In Illinois, officials expect that'll mean 350,000 new people in Medicaid. And that's not all.

 Julie Hamos, director of the Department of Health Care and Family Services, says the news reports and advertising and community outreach around the Obamacare deadline led to a separate spike.

 "We have 80,000 more than the usual enrollment of people who already were eligible, they just didn't sign up. But because of that activity in the communities, now they're signing up."

OK, it looks like I need to drop the woodworker number down from 115K to 80K. Not sure about the "strict expansion" number, however; the wording makes it sound like that 350K figure is their eventual projection, not necessarily how many are already expansion-recipients have already enrolled. Therefore, I'm leaving that figure at 200K for the moment.