Where the heck is the March HHS Report???

Of the pile of submissions and requests which piled up last week, at least a half-dozen were basically the same question: Where the hell is the official March HHS report? Obviously that report from Inside Health Policy claiming that they'd release the report back on the 17th, complete with early April data, was flat-out wrong.

The irony is, of course, that a) no one has been anticipating this report more than myself (it was supposed to mark the end of this project, after all...although obviously the situation has changed...more on that later); b) I was previously concerned that they'd release the report too early (cutting off the last 2 days of March and only including 3/02 - 3/29); and c) it's actually just as well that they didn't release it last week, since I was in no position to do anything with the data anyway (still on the mend, but I'm at least able to type up a few updates this morning, as you can tell).

The answer is: I have no idea. My guess at this point is that they'll release it sometime today or tomorrow (Tuesday), but who the heck knows?

on a related note: As I said, I was able to post a half-dozen updates this morning, but I'm still on very restricted duty. There are still another half-dozen or so which will have to wait until this afternoon or tomorrow, and even when the HHS report DOES come out, I probably won't be able to do a full breakdown until the following day.