Pull the sheet over Cover Oregon; it's done.

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Presented without comment:

Oregon should pull the plug on the beleaguered Cover Oregon health insurance exchange and switch to the federal exchange, a technological advisory committee recommended Thursday.

The move is considered almost certain to be adopted by the Cover Oregon board, which meets Friday.

Changing to the federal exchange would cost about $5 million, while a partial fix to the Oregon exchange would cost more than $78 million based on an estimate from Deloitte, a Cover Oregon consultant.

OK, I lied; I do have two comments:

--First, residents of Oregon do still have 3 more days (today, tomorrow and Wednesday) to push their 2014 policy enrollments through the remnants of Cover Oregon, and I'm assuming that the current hobbled-together system will still be in place during the transition period for Qualifying Life Events, Medicaid enrollment and so forth.

--Second, as far as I know, Idaho and New Mexico are the only two states currently on the federal exchange which are preparing to move off of it to their own exchanges for 2015. If that's true, then this would bring the total number of state-run exchanges up from 15 to 17...but then back down to 16 as Oregon gets pulled back into the HC.gov fold.