Less than 140K request ACA Mandate Exemption. Nationally.

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Remember all the fuss and bother that the GOP made about how no one would sign up for healthcare under the ACA for various reasons, ranging from the technical problems with the HC.gov website to the law making it "too easy" to get out of doing so (while simultaneously screaming about the mandate itself being "unconstitutional" even though the Supreme Court ruled that it isn't)?

Well, the former has obviously not been an issue from the enrollment side for months (at least on the Federal side).

As for the latter, guess what?

The government left the door wide open for millions of Americans to be excused from the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that most people must carry health insurance or pay a fine, but so far relatively few have asked for such a pardon.

About 77,000 families and individuals have requested exemptions from the health-care law’s so-called individual mandate, according to internal government documents obtained by The Washington Post. As of April 20, officials had approved tens of thousands of exemption requests and rejected none.

...Of the 76,859 exemption applications received by Serco as of April 20, the company had processed about 26,000, representing as many as 43,699 individuals.

That's right. Nationally, only about 77K households (representing around 139,000 people total, using my 1.8x factor...or even less, if you use the 1.68x factor noted in the article for processed requests to date) have actually tried to get out of the mandate so far.

That's 139K people asking to get out of it...vs. what will likely be over 8.1 million (by the end of April) who have enrolled.

Imagine that: The vast majority of people want to have decent healthcare coverage!