ARRRRGH!! DC and Minnesota bump out their enrollment extensions as well...

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OK, the various ACA exchanges are just messing with my head now.

First, Nevada announced that they've extended their enrollment out to May 30 for those who started by March 31st.

Then Oregon announced that they've extended full open enrollment out to April 30.

Then I found out that anyone who submitted a paper application by April 7th in any of the 36 states run by still have until April 30 to finish.

Colorado, I've discovered, is allowing people who applied for Medicaid but were denied up until May 31st to finish their enrollment process.

And, of course, Massachusetts has over 200K "Limbo Status" people who may (theoretically) get squared away as late as June 30.

Late last night I learned that Hawaii has bumped their extension deadline out to April 30.

Well, now I've learned that both Minnesota and the District of Columbia have joined in the fun:

ST. PAUL, Minn. — MNsure today announced instructions for Minnesotans who only completed the online Enrollment Attempt form at and did not make any other attempt to enroll in health insurance coverage. Consumers in this category have already begun receiving these instructions from MNsure.

Consumers in this category who are determined eligible to purchase a Qualified Health Plan from a health insurance company must choose their health plan online before 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, April 22.

(Washington, DC) – The DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority announced today that it will continue the special health insurance enrollment period through April 30, 2014 for individual and family coverage. Residents who need in-person or telephone help will now have through April 30 to enroll. Also, persons with an online account with DC Health Link who have not yet selected a health plan will have through April 30 to enroll in a private health plan.

(sigh) Look, guys, I actually have no problem with these constant extensions; the more people who gain coverage, the better.

do, however, have a problem with the inconsistency on the extensions. Can't you guys all just pick one date and stick with it? Even if you're gonna bump out the extension again, can you at least pick the same new date???

This is making an already difficult job that much harder...