For those who want to understand how my mind works

Feeling a bit loopy on a rainy Sunday afternoon, so I present the mystery of one of the most significant songs ever released: Young MC's "Bust a Move":

Your best friend Harry has a brother Larry
In five days from now he's gonna marry
He's hoping you can make it there if you can
'Cause in the ceremony you'll be the best man

Question: If Larry is the one getting married, why are YOU the best man instead of his own brother? You're HARRY's best friend, not LARRY's.

For that matter, who waits until 5 days before the ceremony to ask someone to be in their wedding party, especially the best man? That's awfully short notice, barely enough time to get sized for the tux.

Posit: The brothers had some sort of falling out, perhaps over the bride. If so, that still doesn't explain why he'd ask his brother's best friend to be the best man, unless Larry just wants to rub Harry's nose in it.

As it happens, a friend of mine figured out the answer. If no one guesses it today, I'll post the answer tomorrow.

UPDATE: OK, Anne Paulson nailed it (well, technically there is no real answer unless you contacted Marvin Young, aka Young MC, to ask). This is the answer that I was thinking of, anyway.

Others have suggested that either a) Harry is in jail or otherwise unable to attend the wedding (sick? out of the country that day?) or b) It's actually Harry who's getting married, not Larry--Larry is mentioned as Harry's brother only as a passing reference.

Yes, I realize this is the dumbest blog entry I've posted on this site. I hope to keep it that way.