New York: 508K Medicaid, 425.2K QHPs (minimum of 68% NEWLY INSURED)

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Dan Goldberg, Arcticstones, Dan Diamond, deaconblues

This just in from healthcare reporter Dan Goldberg (and others in various formats)...

.@charles_gaba @charlesornstein NY now enrolled 933,232 Of those, 508,016 have signed up for Medicaid and 425,216 have enrolled in a QHP

— Dan Goldberg (@DanGoldbergCNY) April 11, 2014

In addition, there's this from a story at WAMC public radio:

NY State of Health Executive Director Donna Frescatore was on the call, which follows months of efforts by states and the federal government to enroll the uninsured.   "We've enrolled through our marketplace about 926,000 New Yorkers, which includes persons who qualified for our state Medicaid program, which was expanded on January 1st of 2014. Children enrolled in our Child Health Plus program in New York and individuals who enrolled in qualified health plans to our state marketplace. Notably I think about 80 percent of the individuals who have enrolled through our state marketplace tell us at the time they applied that they did not have insurance."

Two things: First, the more recent figure of 933K is higher than the NY exchange director said during a conference call yesterday, suggesting another 7K came in overnight.

More important, Ms. Frescatore gives an (admittedly rough) estimate of 80% previously uninsured of the total.

I don't know if this refers to QHPs only or if it includes Medicaid; her "marketplace" wording makes it sound like she means QHPs alone, but considering that this figure was only around 59% two weeks ago, even I find it hard to believe that it's shot up that much. On the other hand, the overall percentage had been around 70% for a solid month, so I could easily see that moving up to 80% including the extension period.

So, what does this mean? Well, 80% of 933,232 is around 746,000 people. Assuming that 90% of the Medicaid recipients were previously uninsured (around 457.2K), that means that a minimum of 289,000 QHP enrollees were as well...or around 68%.