The Graph, updated w/New Medicaid Category: "Bulk Transfers / Special Enrollments"

OK, I've made one more major update/change to The Graph (I've been meaning to get around to this for awhile): I've split the 2 Medicaid/CHIP categories into a total of 3. The new section is specifically for bulk transfers and other special Medicaid enrollments, including things like:

  • The 650,000 LIHP transferrees in California
  • The 107,000 people auto-transferred from Commonwealth Care in Massachusetts (permanently...this is separate from the 200K+ stuck in temp "limbo" care)
  • The 33,000 transferees from VHAP/Catamount in Vermont
  • The 96,000 transferees from Maryland's PAC program
  • Most recently, the 53,000 people transferred over from Michigan's Medicaid Adult Benefits Waiver program

It's very important to note that the total number of new ACA-enabled Medicaid enrollees has NOT changed, only the way these are categorized. I've done this purely in the interest of clarity and transparency. In addition to the "bulk transfers", this also includes people who were not previously insured but dont' quite fit into the normal Medicaid enrollment category--for instance:

  • The 128,000 auto-enrollees from Oregon and 104,000 in West Virginia via their "Fast Track" programs
  • The 106,000 people who enrolled in Arkansas' unusual "Private Medicaid Option" program...which are actually QHP policies, but paid for with Medicaid funds

Again, while some (NOT all) of these people may have been enrolled in some sort of healthcare program previously, every one of these people are only enrolled in Medicaid itself due to provisions within the ACA, and therefore are still counted.

In fact, about 81,000 of these people were enrolled in Medicaid prior to October 2013 but still due to ACA provisions (about 51,000 in Minnesota and 30,000 in D.C.), back as early as July 2012. Again, these have been present in the spreadsheet and graph since last fall; they do not change the overall total one bit.