Kentucky: 371K Total, 75.5K QHPs, 295.8K Medicaid

Wow, a personal response from the KynectKY Facebook Page:

Kynectky Charles Gaba Total QHP Enrollments = 73,080; Total MCO Enrollments = 286,222.

I don't think this is the final 3/31 total, however, since this adds up to 359,302, which was posted as of around 4pm yesterday.

However, they've also just announced another 12K "processed through 8:30am today", so I'm not sure whether those are counted as part of the 3/31 total or not. I'm going to assume that they were entered last night and just took a few hours to actually process fully...therefore they count towards the 3/31 tally (unless they clarify otherwise), using a 20/80 ratio of 2,400 QHPs to 9,600 Medicaid:

From 8:30 AM on March 31, to 8:30 AM April 1, kynect processed 12,000 new enrollments! kynect wants to thank all the staff, sister agencies, kynectors, insurance agents, and call center reps for their hard work in helping to take those applications on the last day of open enrollment. Nice job also by all who applied. Our rallying cry was to Get Covered Kentucky, and you did just that. Over 371,000 Kentuckians now have access to affordable healthcare coverage through kynect.

If the 20/80 ratio is correct, it should be roughly 75,480 QHPs and 295,822 Medicaid through 3/31.