Washington State: Assorted data points showing the impact of the ACA so far

I can't really use any of these numbers directly in the spreadsheet, but some excellent data to show the impact in Washington (state). Also note the point regarding many people enrolling directly with the insurance companies:

Statewide, about 375,000 people have insurance due to this law. That’s the net gain, counting those who had their policies “canceled” last winter (most simply signed up for a new one with their same company).

The Medicaid program in the state has grown 25 percent since October, from 1.2 million to 1.5 million.

...The private individual insurance market has also grown, by 19 percent, from 272,000 plans last October to 325,000 today. These figures include plans sold on the state exchange and directly by companies.

Whether that’s big enough to be stable and affordable remains to be seen. But before Obamacare it was shrinking.

Plus the state says there are 32,000 young adults on their parents’ policies due to the new law.

The state doesn’t know how many of these people were previously uninsured. But most newly on Medicaid probably were. It means the law has made a big dent in the state’s uninsured population of 1 million — reducing it possibly 25 percent or more, already.