Oregon: 2,235 QHPs in 3 days, over 4x the rate of February

Another quick update from Oregon; at this point I'm pretty sure that the "Net" QHP number (which removes "terminations & cancellations") is the same as Connecticut--purging the tally of non-payments, adding Oregon to the 100% Paid column:

Medical enrollments through Cover Oregon: 178,057

Total private medical insurance enrollments through Cover Oregon 1: 55,177 

Oregon Health Plan enrollments through Cover Oregon: 122,880

Net enrollments: Net private medical: 52,372

This brings Oregon's exchange QHPs up from 50,137 just 3 days earlier, or 2,235...745/day. Compare this with an average of 179/day in February (or 472/day for the first 3 weeks of March).

Medicaid enrollments haven't changed in this report.