New York: Total breaks 782K; est. 367K QHP, 415K Medicaid, 70% previously uninsured

As usual for NY, the official press release doesn't include the QHP/Medicaid breakout, but based on past experience someone will point me towards a news story that has it broken out within the hour...anyway, the combined total in the Empire State is now over 782,000:

ALBANY (March 28, 2014) – NY State of Health (NYSOH), the State’s official health plan marketplace, reported that as of 9 a.m. today, 1,130,600 New Yorkers have completed their applications and 782,472 have enrolled for coverage since the launch of the Marketplace on October 1, 2013. More than 70 percent of those who have enrolled to date were uninsured at the time of application.

 This week, NY State of Health experienced its highest volume of enrollments since the December 24, 2013 deadline for January 1, 2014 coverage. More than 65,000 additional New Yorkers have enrolled in coverage through the Marketplace since Monday. Also this week, NY State of Health Customer Service Center representatives have answered nearly 74,000 calls from New Yorkers. Overall, since the October 1, 2013 launch of the Marketplace nearly 1 million calls have been answered. New York is on track to meet or exceed its enrollment goal of 1.1 million people by the end of 2016.

The totals as of MONDAY the 23rd--just 5 days earlier--were 342,895 QHPs / 374,312 Medicaid, so this is a total increase of 65,265. Assuming a 30/70 split, which favors Medicaid slightly over last week, that would bring the new totals to:

  • 362,475 QHPs
  • 419,997 Medicaid

Assuming the numbers above are fairly close, NY's March daily average just went from 56% higher than February to 70% higher, and has moved the 3/31 projection up a small but noticable amount.

Also, once again: Over 70% of the combined total were NOT insured at the time they enrolled.

UPDATE: Hold the phone, just as I figured, the exact numbers came out right afterwards:

@charlesornstein true -- but NY's surge seems to be in Medicaid -- Private: 367,736 Medicaid: 414,736

— Dan Goldberg (@DanGoldbergCNY) March 28, 2014

OK, that's actually more QHPs than I estimated, an 82% increase over February.