DC: Total up to 22.3K, March QHP avg. moves from 40% below Feb to 26% above

A nice little update out of DC...they even did the net gain math for me! Unfortunately they didn't separate out QHPs from Medicaid (the 17,899 number includes both).

If I assume the a slightly lower 32/68 breakout of the new enrollments (it was 36/64), that should mean an extra 1,410 QHPs and 2,996 Medicaid enrollees.

That gives a total of 7,926 exchange QHPs and 14,379 new Medicaid total.

DC's numbers are so small that I'd normally say that even if my breakout is wrong, it won't impact the projection enough to worry about...but in this case, they were running 40% below the February rate, so this jump to 26% higher actually bumps the projection back up a smidge after all, to a solid 6.4M.

Since March 10 (the last data release), enrollment through DC Health Link increased significantly.  To date a total of 22,305 people have enrolled through DC Health Link’s individual marketplace, up from 17,899 on March 10.  This is an increase of 4,406 people just in the last few weeks. (Note this data does not include enrollment through the small business marketplace.) 

Oh, yeah, and this is no surprise anymore...technically you have to have "started an enrollment" already by 3/31, but it's a pretty loose definition of "started":

The DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority announced today that it will continue DC Health Link enrollment past the March 31st deadline for individual and family coverage.  Residents who need in-person or telephone help will now have through April 15th to enroll.  People with an on-line account with DC Health Link who have not yet selected a health plan also will have through April 15th to enroll in a private health plan.