New House Rules

OK, things just went into overdrive. The media spotlight has been growing, and now Paul Krugman just said some very nice things about me in the NY Times. Believe me, I'm incredibly flattered, honored, etc etc...but I'm also getting overwhelmed, and have to make a few changes, at least until the dust settles on the enrollment insanity:

  • First, I've already had to stop the nightly email roundup I was sending to existing supporters. I've also had to curtail my cross-posts at both Eclectablog and Daily Kos for the time being.
  • I had to put a minimum donation level for creating an account that removes the banner ads. I'm not doing this because I'm turning greedy, but because I don't want some joker to make 100 donations of $0.10 apiece under different email addresses, forcing me to create 100 separate accounts. I hope this doesn't sound jerkish. I still appreciate the smaller donations, I just can no longer create an ad-removal account for them. This doesn't apply to anyone who has already made a donation, of course.
  • If you do make a donation of $10 or more, it might take a few hours for me to send your login info. Please understand that it's not an automated process; I create each account...I never expected to get anywhere near this level of attention, and simply don't have time to set up an automated system right now. By the time I have the time to do so, no one will care anymore anyway :)
  • I also hate to say this, but I can no longer give "hat tip" credit for most entries, because in some cases 4-5 people are sending me the same information/link.
  • I recently started adding nifty little "State" icon graphics to the updates; I'm going to discontinue those (again, I haven't had time to automate the process for plugging in those thumbnail images)
  • Also, until things slow down, I probably won't be responding in the Disqus comments section unless I need clarification from data provided or whatever. If you say something complimentary, please believe that I really and truly do appreciate it and thank you for saying so.
  • Finally, I know this also may sound kind of jerky, but Professor Krugman's NY Times article is also likely to be the last link that I add to the "Media" page. I don't think I can ask for any higher praise than the column he wrote today.
  • I know that A LOT is happening VERY quickly right now, but I do have a family and a day job, so it might take awhile for me to catch up with it.

That's all for the moment. 

Many updates to come today, including several enrollment updates, but they probably won't be up until after 9pm Eastern.