No Sleep 'til Brooklyn (...or Beyond; last in a series)

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Esther Ferington, Dee

(sigh) OK, at this point I guess there's no point in even continuing these "no sleep 'til..." posts.

First, out of Mississippi, of all states, comes this:

Tavenner’s involvement made a difference in other ways, too. Beginning this summer, Mississippi will have one of the nation’s few state-run small-business exchanges. Federal officials approved the request even though Chaney doesn’t have the support of Gov. Phil Bryant, a Republican who doesn’t want anything to do with the law. Bryant didn’t expand Medicaid and shunned creating a state insurance exchange, which he called a portal to a “massive and unaffordable” new federal entitlement.

In addition to the 15 state-run exchange SHOP programs (only 12 of which are actually operational right now), Utah and New Mexico are actually running their own SHOP exchanges; this means that Mississippi will join them.

Both XPostFactoid and ACASignups contributor Esther Ferington have posted good roundups of the other types of post-3/31 enrollments which will still be running throughout the spring and summer, including Medicaid, "special life changes", Native Americans and so forth.

At this point, with MA, OR, MD, NV and VT preparing to allow for enrollment extensions of one sort or another due to their technical problems, both KY and WA as well as CO looking to allow extensions due to high demand or special circumstances, you might be asking yourself, "Why doesn't the HHS Dept. simply say 'screw it' and allow everyone who started the process by 3/31 an extension?"

Well, guess what?

(Reuters) - The Obama administration will soon issue new Obamacare guidelines allowing people to enroll in health coverage after a March 31 deadline, but only under certain circumstances, according to sources close to the administration.

The sources said the new federal guidelines for consumers in the 36 states served by the federal health insurance marketplace and its website,, would allow people to enroll after March 31 if they had tried earlier and were prevented by system problems including technical glitches.

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