Massachusetts: QHPs up 2,175; 100% PAID! (WA now 100% paid as well!)

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A bit of an update out of Massachusetts; the article is another rundown of the MA Mess, but there's actually small enrollment update included as well: Exchange QHPs have gone up from 12,965 on 3/01 to 15,140 as of "this week" (I'll call it Wednesday the 19th).

As of this week, only 740 Massachusetts residents have been able to enroll in newly subsidized plans under the act, Health Connector Authority spokesman Jason Lefferts said.

He said 14,400 people were able to enroll in unsubsidized plans on the private market by using the connector's website. Their success rate is tied to not needing to go through the income eligibility process, Lefferts said.

However, here's the actual good news: It turns out that Massachusetts only includes paid enrollees in their reports. From a CNBC article a week ago:

Five states that run their own Obamacare exchanges are not releasing the paid rate for the Obamacare exchanges they operate. And Massachusetts only reports paid enrollments; it does not report totals of people who have signed up for plans, meaning that the paid rate is unknown.

Actually, they're misstating what this means. It means that 100% of the enrollments that Massachusetts has reported to HHS are paid. Granted, that number is pretty pathetic for their population due to their technical woes, but it's still an important point, especially with the multiple entries I've written about the subject today.

Adding to the calculations now.

In fact, while I'm at it, since Washington State only reports their paid enrollments to the HHS (although they report unpaid to everyone else on a separate line), I'm even gonna go ahead and remove those from their total as well...which means that their Paid Percentage just jumped up to 100% as well.

The other 48 states (+DC) either don't break their data out at all, or if they do, they're still included on the HHS reports, so I'm still listing them, although they're separated out on both the spreadsheet and The Graph.

Unfortunately, the Massachusetts update does mean that they're experiencing a significant drop-off from their February enrollment rate (down about 30% from 172/day to 121/day. Of the 19 states that I have March data for, MA is one of only 4 states that's underperforming February. There are 14 states overperforming and 1 running dead even so far (Rhode Island).