Minnesota: Total enrollments up another 4,800, near 130K since 3/17

Hat Tip To: 
Justin Lauria-Banta, deaconblues

Minnesota issues yet another "mini-update"...no exact numbers or breakout, but QHPs were around 34,942 as of 3/17 while Medicaid was at 90,062 so it's up from around 125K to 128K in only 3 days. Assuming a 25/75 QHP/Medicaid split (down from 28/72?), that would bring Minnesota up to around 35,750 QHPs and 92,250 Medicaid.

This would also suggest that Minnesota's March QHP rate is running about 60% higher than February, up from 50% a few days earlier. (see update below)

As of today, more than 1,000 enrollment opportunities have been organized by certified MNsure navigators during the month of March; and more than 128,000 Minnesotans have enrolled in health insurance coverage through MNsure. 32% of Qualified Health Plan enrollments are from people through age 34. 16% are from the “young invincible” target of 26 – 34 year olds.

UPDATE: Thanks to contributor Justin Lauria-Banta for acquiring the actual numbers from the Minnesota DHS:

Here is the breakdown:

  • QHP (private plans): 35,475
  • MA (Medical Assistance): 68,477
  • MinnesotaCare: 25,852
  • TOTAL: 129,804

So, pretty close to what I had it at: 35,475 QHPs, 94,329 Medicaid (and notice that the total is actually 1,800 higher than the press release, although the extra is all on the Medicaid side).

The actual ratio since 3/13 is actually now at 19% QHPs to 81% Medicaid, FWIW, and Minnesota is still running about 50% higher than in February to date.