Welcome New Visitors! (plus a bit of housekeeping)

Yesterday was a pretty big day here at ACASignups--not only did the site get the 2nd most traffic to date (the busiest day was Feb. 13, when the January HHS report came out), but my Twitter feed went a bit nuts as my double prediction of California hitting 1M QHPs and HHS announcing 5M QHPs nationally gained attention; I think I picked up more new Twitter followers yesterday than any day since Sarah Kliff featured The Graph back on December 26th.

Anyway, I figured this would be a good time to welcome new followers and visitors. For long-time readers, note that I've reorganized the navigation menu a bit; I've moved the FAQ, Related Sites, and Files links under the Home link in order to free up room to make the March Projection table and Paid/Unpaid links more prominent, since there's a tremendous amount of interest in both of these for obvious reasons (although really, I'm pretty much done with the Paid/Unpaid issue since I realized that over 1/3 of the total QHP policies won't even start coverage until April or May anyway). The main featured links (Private QHP Spreadsheet, Medicaid/CHIP Spreadsheet and of course, The Graph) remain where they are. The Media link there as well.

If you're interested in finding out who the heck I am, feel free to check out the FAQ.

As a reminder, anyone who makes a donation will receive login info which will remove the banner ads from the site. I'm not trying to make a living off of this site, but it does take considerable time and effort to keep it running...If you'd like to help, I'm certainly not going to say no.

Meanwhile, based on last night's update out of Nevada and this morning's out of Colorado, I'm bumping my March QHP projections up a bit, to 1.99M for the month and 6.23M total.