Some minor Off-Exchange News from Oregon (and other states)

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Maurice H.

Contributor Maurice H. provides a bit of Off-Exchange data from Oregon. He contacted Oregon's Health CO-OP and while they didn't provide exact numbers, they were willing to provide their on-exchange/off-exchange ratios:

Oregon’s Health CO-OP is not sharing specific enrollment numbers, but is happy to give you the percentages of on and off Exchange:

On – 42%  /  Off—58%

Hope that helps.

Fortunately, an article in the Oregonian by the authority on all things Cover Oregon-related, Nick Budnick, provides the other piece of the puzzle:

Policies as of March 6th / Oregon's Health CO-OP: 212

Hmmm. Well, if 212 is 42% of the co-op's total enrollments, that makes off-exchange enrollments...505 people.

OK, not exactly a huge number, but an enrollment is an enrollment...noting it...

In other Off-Exchange News, I've contacted about half of the state Insurance Commissioners offices (Alabama through Mississippi); so far the responses have been mostly disappointing:

  • Alaska: "The Alaska Division of Insurance does not have any data on Off-Exchange ACA Policy Enrollments."
  • Arizona: "AZDOI does not have such data at this time."
  • Florida: They actually called, which is nice. The good news is that they do compile direct insurance company enrollment data...the bad news is that 2013 data won't be available until this October, and 2014 data won't be available until fall 2015...
  • Idaho: "Thank you for your inquiry. We do not collect the information you are requesting."
  • Illinois: "Illinois does not currently have enrollment numbers for off exchange products."
  • Michigan: "The state of Michigan does not currently have a mechanism to track off-Exchange enrollments."
  • Minnesota: "I was forwarded your email for response.  Great question – I would suggest that at this time, you should reach out directly to Minnesota’s Health Insurance Companies for that data....The Commerce Department will be gathering and analyzing this data after Open Enrollment ends."
  • Louisiana: "I’m sorry but the Louisiana Department of Insurance does not specifically track enrollment information off the Marketplace."

However, there are some potential bright spots:

  • Georgia: "I received your request concerning off-exchange ACA policy enrollment data for Georgia to date.  I forwarded it to the relevant division.   I hope to have the requested information by the end of this week or early next week.  If it is going to take longer, I will let you know."
  • Kentucky: "We have compiled some data but I’m not sure whether we have everything you need. Your best option would be to send an open records request outlining what you need...they'll be able to check with our Health division to see what data we have collected from the companies."
  • Maryland: "Because of the snowstorm, not everyone is in our office today. I will be back in touch with you once I've had a chance to speak to the appropriate staff here."