Milestones and Thank Yous

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Things are quickly getting crazy as we go into the home stretch, so I wanted to take a moment to note a few milestones now just in case I get too frazzled to do so properly 3 weeks from now:

Exchange Milestones Reached as of Today:

  • 4 Million: PAID, Exchange-Based Private QHPs
    (well, either paid or unpaid for legitimate reasons such as "policy hasn't started yet", "not due yet" or "insurance company billing system screwed up the payment I sent 2 months ago")
  • 5 Million: TOTAL QHPs
    (including paid, unpaid, SHOP & documented Off-Exchange enrollments)
  • 500,000: Documented Off-Exchange QHP Enrollments since October 1st
    (with several million more out there that I just haven't locked down yet)
  • 6 Million: NEW Medicaid Enrollees since October 1st
    (including both "strict expansion" as well as "woodworkers" million more and President Obama will have been correct with his "7 million on Medicaid thanks to the ACA" statement)
  • 10: The number of states which are ahead of their fair share of the original 7 Million CBO projection
    (California, Connecticut, DC, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington State)

Website Milestones as of Today:

  • 194,000: Unique Visitors to
    • October: 300/day
    • November: 500/day
    • December: 1,100/day
    • January: 1,500/day
    • February: 1,900/day
    • March: 1,900/day (so far...I seem to have peaked)
  • Average Time per Visit: 4 minutes, 11 seconds

Thank You to:

  • The 162 people (so far) who have contributed either data/links, money, time or all three.
    • (By the way...just as a reminder, anyone who makes a donation will receive a user account which will remove the banner ads from the site...)
  • The 194,000 people (so far) who have visited the site (well, OK, a lot of those are the same people visiting every day, but you get my point)
  • The journalists and bloggers (both high profile and not-so-high profile) who have linked to this site, cited me by name or both; in particular, Dan Diamond and Sarah Kliff, who were the first two mainstream journalists to take this site seriously, and Chris Savage of Eclectablog, who has been a great friend, client & colleague, who understood completely when I wasn't able to post updates at dKos, here and his site on a regular basis (as well as poor LOLGOP, whose Twitter account I've hopelessly abused of late).
  • Everyone at Daily Kos, who encouraged me to keep the ACA Signups ball running (many of whom are among those who are providing data/etc), especially Greg Dworkin
  • Two contributors in particular: Olav Grinde and Ruth37, who have been assisting from day one and have gone above and beyond the call of duty in assisting with this project.
  • My wife & son, who have put up with this project pretty much taking over my life the past few months (and who will be putting up with even more over the next 3 weeks)

As I said, I'll probably be reposting this exact entry 3 weeks from now, but wanted to make sure to get it out there just in case I forget to do so later :)

OK, lessee...Maryland and Oregon will probably be due for an update next...