District of Columbia: Slight gains in QHPs, SHOP & Medicaid

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DC itself has an unusual situation: Due to the quirky ACA rule that has Congressional Staffers (some 10,000 of them) enroll via the Small Business SHOP exchange instead of the individual exchange (or that of their home state), DC's SHOP exchange actually has twice as many enrollees as individual QHPs. Anyway, QHPs have gone up 267 in the first week or so of March, while SHOP enrollees have gone up 104. Meanwhile, new Medicaid enrollees are up 506.

As of March 9, 2014, 30,642 people have enrolled through DC Health Link in private health plans or Medicaid: 

 6,516 people enrolled in private health plans through the DC Health Link individual and family marketplace;
 11,383 people gained Medicaid coverage through DC Health Link; and
 12,743 people enrolled through the DC Health Link small business marketplace. 

Another unusual trait of the DC exchange: Even including only the individual QHP exchange, the "Young Invincibles" make up a whopping 38% of the total; this makes DC one of the only places where the under-34 crowd is hitting the HHS's original age range expectations so far.

Young residents continue to be the highest enrollment group in private individual coverage. The largest enrollment – 38% of enrollees in private coverage (individual not SHOP) through DC Health Link – is 26 to 34 year olds; the second highest is 35 to 44 year olds (20%).