Vermont somehow doubles QHPs in past 15 days??

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Happy Voter (Esther Ferington)

Vermont continues to have impressive enrollment numbers (relative to their population size) despite their ongoing technical problems, partly due to an aggressive SHOP/Small Business enrollment program. Private QHPs have somehow more than doubled from 13,514 paid / 3,392 unpaid as of 2/10 up to 28,486 paid / 4,805 unpaid as of February 25th.

Meanwhile, the SHOP enrollment numbers are also impressive, jumping from 29,200 at the beginning of the year up to 40,000 as of 2/25.

In addition, the article claims that the 28.4K figure only represents policies, not people, which suggests that the actual number of individuals could be as many as 51,200, but I'm already finding it difficult to believe that they've managed to go from 13.5K to 28.4K in just 2 weeks in the first place, so I'm holding off on that factor for now.

The latest figures from the Department of Vermont Health Access, presented to lawmakers Wednesday, show 33,291 individuals have selected a plan and 28,486 are fully enrolled...

An additional roughly 40,000 Vermonters who receive coverage through a small business will also be enrolled directly through the insurance carriers by the end of open enrollment...

The state continues to give its enrollment figures in the number of policyholders rather than the number of lives covered by those policies, so the actual number of Vermonters covered by a plan purchased on the exchange is greater...