Washington State: 102K Paid QHPs, 304K New Medicaid Enrollees

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Justin Lauria-Banta, Sarah Kliff

The official press release hasn't been posted to the state exchange website yet, but here's the latest out of the Evergreen State:

Feb 25, 2014 - More than 100,000 Washingtonians have now enrolled in private health plans offered on the Washington state health insurance exchange www.wahealthplanfinder.org, exchange officials said Tuesday.

Overall, a total of 717,933 have enrolled in health insurance on the website. 

Here’s the breakdown: 

101,857 have enrolled in private plans
202,168 newly eligible residents have enrolled in Medicaid.

102,238 who had previously been eligible fro Medicaid but had not enrolled.
311,670 who had been previously eligible for Medicaid who have reenrolled.

And additional 82,249 have enrolled in private plans but have not yet paid their premiums.

These numbers bring WA's Private QHPs up from 90,723 Paid / 85,372 Unpaid as of 2/06 for a total increase of 8,011. More notable is that the state's Paid percentage is slowly increasing, from about 50% a month or so ago up to 55% this week.

Here's what's interesting about this: While the total number of enrollments has only gone up 8,000 (4.5%), the paid enrollments have gone up over 11,000 (12%), because they're finally starting to convert those unpaid numbers into paid ones.

Meanwhile, Washington's Medicaid enrollments have gone up from 184,783 (expansion-only) and 91,480 (woodworkers/churn) to 202,168 and 102,238 respectively, up about 10%.

UPDATE: Added link to official press release, no numbers changed.