New York: Another 45,163 since 2/17, Previously Uninsured up to 70%

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Justin Lauria-Banta, Dwight Schrute

OK, I'll have to pull the numbers apart a bit because this story with New York's latest enrollment tally has some overlapping dates and numbers:

More than 800,000 New Yorkers have completed applications to enroll in New York's health-care exchange since Oct. 31, and 501,205 have officially enrolled, a 22 percent increase since Feb. 10, the state Health Department said today....

The state said that 70 percent of those who have enrolled were uninsured at the time of application. But the state didn't immediately say how many of those lost insurance because of the federal Affordable Care Act.

Of the total 501,205 people enrolled, the state said 276,681 chose private insurance plans, while 224,524 qualified for coverage under Medicaid, the government-sponsored health insurance program for low-income Americans.

OK, first of all, forget about the "22% since 2/10"; we have the official numbers from 2/17, which were 266,177 Private QHPs and 189,865 added to Medicaid/CHIP (456,042 total). I guess "22% since 2/10" sounds better than "10% in the past week", although both sound pretty good to me, but whatever.

Anyway, 501,205 - 456,042 = 45,163 total new additions. The private/public breakdown is 10,504 Private QHPs, 34,659 Medicaid/CHIP, for 276,681 QHPs / 224,524 Medicaid/CHIP total.

The trend in New York has clearly shifted from favoring QHPs to Medicaid; through 2/10 it was 60/40 private, the 2/17 additions shifted to a 34/66 split in favor of Medicaid enrollments, and now it's a steep 23/77 split.

There's some other news here: The percent of all enrollees who were previously uninsured continues to move upwards, from 50/50 on 12/24 to 70% today.

However, it's even better than that. As I noted last week, the new enrollees have to be, mathematically, almost entirely "previously uninsured":

  • Through 12/24: 50% of 230,624 (115,312) - about 50% of them total
  • Through 02/10: 66% of 412,221 (272,066) - 156,754 of the 181,597 enrollees from 12/25 - 2/10 were previously uninsured...over 86% of them
  • Through 02/17: 69% of 456,042 (314,669) - 42,603 of the 43,821 enrollees from 2/11 - 2/17 were previously uninsured...over 97% of them.
  • Through 02/24: 70% of 501,205 (350,844) - 36,175 of the 45,163 enrollees from 2/18 - 2/24 were previously uninsured...over 80% of them.

Not sure what to make of that spike up to 97% and then down to 80% this week, but both of these figures are still raising the overall "prevously uninsured" percentage in New York.