West Virginia: Medicaid expansion up 16K, 70% of those eligible now covered

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Happy Voter

This is a great article; not only does it update West Virginia's Medicaid Expansion tally (up 16,561 from the current 70,574 number), but it gives other useful info, such as the total number of WV residents eligible for the expansion program (130K). Most importantly, it specifically states that these 87K are in Medicaid due to the ACA expansion provision, an important clarification.

According to West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services, over 87,000 residents have been enrolled for health care coverage through the Medicaid Expansion...

Jeremiah Samples, assistant secretary for the DHHS, said that number is about 70 percent of everyone eligible for the expansion....

The total estimated number of West Virginians eligible for coverage under the expansion is 130,000, according to Samples.

By Feb. 13, a total of 87,135 people have enrolled, which Samples said is about 25,000 more than the projected number for 2014.

Unfortunately, this also means that even though the actual total Medicaid number has increased by 16.5K, I've had to reduce the total on the spreadsheet by 39,600 to remove any "normal churn" or "woodwork" enrollees. This means a smaller but more accurate total on the Medicaid/CHIP side.