Cleaning Up The Graph

Happy Valentine's Day!

Now that the dust is settling on the January HHS Report and I've had a chance to fully tackle the "But how many have PAID???" issue, I decided this would be a good point to do some cleaning up of The Graph.

First of all, as I announced last night, I've added a "90% Either Paid or Unpaid for Legitimate Reasons" marker to address the "Paid/Unpaid" issue.

Secondly, now that I've switched both the Medicaid and Private QHP numbers over to a "range" format, I've decided to drop the Grand Total numbers from 2 decimal points to one (that is, the range is now 8.8 - 14.4 million instead of 8.78 - 14.46). All of the numbers involved are large enough now that it doesn't make sense to be so anal about it anymore (don't worry, the actual spreadsheets will remain as precise as I can make them).

Along the same lines, I'm no longer listing the exact "sliver" amounts for SHOP/Direct Enrollments/Known Unpaid on the graph; they're still displayed, but the amounts are being rolled in with the general "Private QHP" number. Again, moving to the "range" format makes this more sensible and helps remove some clutter from the graph.

Finally, since the CBO has revised their 3/31 projection down from 7 million to 6 million QHPs, I've added "Revised CBO Projection Achieved" below "Original CBO Projection Achieved."

So, the new numbers as of this morning are:

  • Private QHPs: 3.16 - 3.61 Million
  • Medicaid/CHIP: 2.53 - 7.75 Million
  • Sub-26ers: Still 3.1 Million*

Grand Total: 8.8 - 14.4 Million​​​

  • Enrollment Period Elapsed: 74.7%
  • Original CBO Projection Achieved: 46.9%
  • Revised CBO Projection Achieved: 55.2%

Oh, as an aside, just a reminder: Anyone who makes a donation (of any amount) will be given a user account which removes the banner ads.

*(I really wish they'd come out with an updated report on this, though…that number is from over 2 years ago!)