Rhode Island: Paid QHP up a little or a lot, depending on your POV

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deaconblues, Betsy Cazden (rugbymom)

Another small update this morning: Rhode Island has released their data through 01/08:

Enrollment data (Oct. 1, 2013 through Feb. 8, 2014):

  • Total HealthSource RI enrollments (including those who have not yet paid): 16,512
  • Paid enrollments: 14,086
  • Medicaid enrollments (per EOHHS): 35,821
  • Small employer enrollment: 107 (based on their submitted census, these 107 employers represent 420 covered employees and 658 covered lives)

The Paid QHP number is up from 9,902 to 14,086 (a 42% jump in the past month) and the Medicaid number is up from 19,941 to 35,821, a whopping 80% jump...but as the submitter noted, the 4,311 people who were previously listed as being moved into RIte Care are no longer listed, so I think it's safe to assume that they're now included in one of the above increases.

With the RIte Care number removed, the actual Private QHP increase is only 431 people, or about 3% over what it was previously...or, more likely, it's possible that I should have had the RIte care people listed on the Medicaid side after all, in whcih case the Private QHP is up substantially and Medicaid is up...less substantially than it would be otherwise.

Either way, both numbers should now be corrected and up to date (and neither makes a huge impact on the overall national enrollments anyway)

In addition, RI's SHOP program has bumped up the number of enrollees by about 150 people, FWIW.

Also worth noting from the second link:

The majority of the new Medicaid enrollees are poor, childless adults who are newly eligible for the taxpayer-funded health coverage under the Affordable Care Act...

Among those buying private insurance, the market continues to be dominated by older people, with 53 percent age 45 and older.  A quarter are 18 through 34.