UPDATE: Rhode Island: Paid QHP up a bit, Medicaid up 4,311 (sort of)

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deaconblues, Betsy Cazden (rugbymom)

Contributor deaconblues provides an interesting Rhode Island update. While the standard Private QHP and Medicaid/CHIP numbers haven't changed from what I already had listed (although the paid QHP number has increased slightly), there's also the addition of 4,311 RIte Care parents automatically enrolled in RI's non-profit Neighborhood Health Plan.

As deaconblue notes, "Rite Care looks like it fully covers the premium for up to 150% FPL and offers premium assistance to those between 150% and 250%...the context implies that all of the 4,311 should be somewhere under QHP - if some of these plans were fully paid by the state, would they have appeared as an asterisked note under the Medicaid Enrollments section?"

I see his point, but at the same time, seeing how it fully covers the cost up to 150% FPL while even the ACA's Medicaid expansion only goes up to 133%, it really sounds like the vast majority of these folks should be categorized on the Medicaid/CHIP side. I'll look into it and may move some or all of these over to the Private QHP side later, but for the moment I'm listing them as "Medicaid/CHIP".

UPDATE: Thanks to "rugbymom" for providing the additional link that explains the "RIte Care" situation better:

Under the agreement, about 5,000 of the 6,500 parents who lost eligibility for RIte Care will be enrolled in Neighborhood Health Plan’s VALUE silver level product, available effective Jan. 1. Their children are still being covered by RIte Care...The 1,500 parents not being enrolled in the Neighborhood Health Plan coverage will maintain their Medicaid eligibility.

OK, by my reading, "about 5,000" actually ended up being only 4,311 people, while the other 1,500 are the ones auto-enrolled in Medicaid proper. Updating the spreadsheets now...

Enrollment data (Oct. 1 through Jan. 4, 2014) 

Total HealthSource RI enrollments (including those who have not yet paid): 11,770*

*This enrollment number does not include the 4,311 RIte Care parents who were auto-enrolled in Neighborhood Health Plan in December

Paid enrollments*: 9,902

Medicaid enrollments (per EOHHS): 19,941

Small employer enrollment: 75 (based on their submitted census, these 75 employers represent 530 covered lives)