New York: Another 53K total since 12/30; 30% under 35; 1/2 newly insured

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timmyc, ArcticStones, DwightKSchrute

Still waiting for clarification of the distinction between private enrollments and Medicaid/CHIP expansion on the new additions, but assuming they're a similar ratio to the prior enrollments, it should be roughly 38,500 private and 14,500 Medicaid/CHIP. If that ratio is close, this means that New York has essentially reached their March 31st private enrollment projection of 218,000 (give or take a few thousand).

Bonus: It was also revealed during NY State Senate testimony today that a whopping 40% [Ed: 30%, thanks to DwightKSchrute for the correction] of enrollees are under 35, and another 16% are between 34-44. This should go a long way towards quieting the ""young invincibles" aren't signing up!" ACA attack point.

Finally, this news is noteworthy because it gives some insight into how many of the 9.8 million (or more) people who have received healthcare coverage via the ACA were previously uninsured. In New York, at least, it appears to be roughly half of those who have enrolled in either private QHPs or Medicaid/CHIP expansion. If this ratio is typical nationally (as well as with regards to the 3.1 million "sub-2ers" living on their parents plans), it would mean that around 4.9 million of that 9.8 million were previously not covered...which, by an amazing coincidence, is amazingly close to the "5 million cancelled!!" number that those opposed to the ACA have been strongly touting. This is purely speculative; a lot more data will be needed before coming to any conclusions on this point, I only mention it here because I found the numeric convergence to be interesting.

The state’s insurance marketplace, which launched in October, has processed 294,000 enrollments through midnight Sunday, executive director Donna Frescatore told a panel of state senators during a hearing.

A total of 230,624 people enrolled for individual coverage [Ed: includes Medicaid] by Dec. 24, which was the deadline for Jan. 1 coverage. Of those, Frescatore said, about half were not insured at the time of enrollment.

Enrollment by Age
Marketplace enrollees include a mix of New Yorkers across all age groups. Approximately 30 percent of New Yorkers enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan are under the age of 35, 16 percent are between ages 35 and 44, 23 percent between ages 45-54, and 31 percent are over the age of 55.