Finally! D.C. Exchange releases solid numbers!

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Well, that just figures. Right after I post a screed whining about the lack of big numbers since New Year's--in which I specifically call out the DC Health Link for not releasing any data since mid-November--what happens? Whammo: Private enrollments have skyrocketed from 1,115 on Nov. 15 to 15,613, a whopping 14x increase. They also released the first Medicaid expansion figure at all, since neither the HHS nor anyone else has had a number for that since the exchanges lauched on October 1st: 4,677 people.

Amusingly, it looks like the majority of enrollments (up to 10,000 of the 12,000 small business enrollments) were from Congressional staffers who were, ironically, required to do so due to a clause insisted upon by Congressional Republicans.

The top line talking point: More than 20,000 people have secured medical coverage.

But nearly 60 percent, or 11,967, enrolled through the small business side of the exchange, which is designed for companies with fewer than 50 workers but also — via the Republican amendment and Obama administration rules — Congress.

1.) 3,646 people are enrolled in commercial health plans as individuals or families (about 1,000 of those are enrolled in plans that won't take effect until Feb. 1, the rest were covered as of Jan. 1.) We don't know the rate of enrollment because past data dumps weren't as comprehensive, but the exchange says enrollment doubled in the last week before the Dec. 23 deadline...

3.) 4,677 people have enrolled in Medicaid through the exchange.