No new numbers today, but several new features

No new numbers today, but being cooped up with a bit of a cold and an oncoming major snowstorm/Big Chill is giving me a bit of time to clean up/update the website and spreadsheet formatting:

  • By request, the main numbers are now posted in summary form right at the top of the home page, in case you don't have time to comb through the spreadsheet or load the graph.
  • I've gotten rid of the sidebar completely to accommodate smartphone users. I've also tweaked the settings so that the desktop version now loads on iPads, as it should.
  •  I've moved the PayPal donation link up into the main navigation bar. This makes it more convenient for smartphone users and less tacky/intrusive. I've received a few donations so far and am eternally grateful.
  • I've restructured the actual state updates; the front-page view only shows the text summary, but clicking on the individual update link gives the State, Source/Date link, Hat Tip for the lead (if any), Private Exchange update and Medicaid/CHIP update, as well as the Key Paragraph. I'll add Direct Enrollments if it looks like that's something that I can actually get solid numbers on.
  • All updates are now being tagged, so you can follow each state individually if you wish
  • By request, I've added an "In the News" page with links to various media coverage of or citations of the website. If you stumble across any that I don't have listed, feel free to send them to me.
  • Updated the FAQ to confirm that yes, I'm willing to accept a few donations after all. What the hell (shrug).
  • By request, I've added the "Last Updated" date to the Graph
  • On the Spreadsheet itself, I'm continuing to wrestle it into a narrower format, while actually adding data. By request, I've added an "MX" column which notes states that have expanded Medicaid under the ACA. I've also added "Thru Date" columns to more consistently list the date that the enrollment numbers run through (as opposed to the date of thelink which is usually a few days later).
  • As for the Notes column at the end, I'm replacing this entirely (gradually) with links to the corresponding state's blog tag. That way I can provide detailed notes/explanations at my leisure without being restricted by a tiny spreadsheet cell.
  • I've also come up with a consistent system for special cases: Italicized numbers are "questionable" (usually confirmed as "unpaid" at the time); Color-coded cells (Medicaid mostly) are special cases; these are explained underneath the spreadsheet