MA Update: Major increase...with a big caveat.

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Massachusetts is a mess. I've been debating how to handle this; for private enrollments, it looks like I need to combine 497 subsidized, 3,262 unsubsidized (the previous number) and 22K temporary plans, which are apparently qualified/approved but haven't been processed yet. This adds up to 25,759 total, but the article refers to a lower number of 24,256. Given the confusion, I'm using that as the total and listing it below the other number in italics, which I normally use for "unpaid" enrollments. This brings the new tally to 3,759 fully enrolled and 20,497 "semi-enrolled"...I think.

The Medicaid number is more straightforward: 130K transferred automatically from a state-run public health program over to Medicaid proper.

As of Dec. 30, only 497 people had successfully enrolled in new subsidized health plans throughMassachusetts' health connector.

State officials have put another 22,000 people on temporary insurance plans, paid for by the state, while the connector processes coverage applications.

As of Dec. 30, a day before the deadline to enroll in the state's new health insurance exchange, established under the Affordable Care Act, 58,864 people had completed their applications for coverage through the exchange.

Of those, 24,256 are newly enrolled, according to data provided by the Health Connector. "We're encouraged by the fact that 24,000 people have subsidized coverage who didn’t have it before," Lefferts said...."The exciting news is the almost 25,000 new folks who have enrolled, who have coverage," Whitcomb Slemmer said.

...There are another 130,000 people who were enrolled in Commonwealth Care who have been automatically moved to MassHealth, due to an expansion of Medicaid allowed under the Affordable Care Act.

Another 3,262 people have successfully enrolled in unsubsidized plans through the exchange.