THE GRAPH: #ACAOvertime Edition

Considering that not one, not two, but forty-six states have announced some sort of open enrollment extension period, and considering that yesterday's IRS tax verification outage (and other technical issues in Washington State) may have caused the delay of a whopping half a million QHP selections or more, it behooves me to bite the bullet and modify The Graph to accomodate the new situation.

The main thing to notice is that although I've made some significant adjustments to my individual state projections, my overall final projections haven't really changed at all (aside from nudging the Exchange split from 9.4M/3.1M to 9.5M/3.0M). I'm still calling for around 12.5 million QHP selections in the end (possibly a bit less than that); I've just bumped out the target date from 2/15 to 2/28.

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